Sayaw PD

Dance for Parkinson's

by Novy Bereber

Bereber Sayaw PD hosts classes that are based on a set of principles, approaches, and concepts that have been found to be particularly beneficial for people with Parkinson’s Disease. We offer free classes and emphasize the aesthetic and imaginative elements of dance to stimulate the participant’s creativity, imagination, cognitive skills, and emotions in a series of movements.

Our Mission

  • Encourage people with Parkinson’s Disease to lead a full and active life
  • Create and raise awareness for Parkinson’s Disease
  • Provide a Bereber Sayaw PD class in different regions in the Philippines
  • Produce trained dance teachers capable of conducting Bereber Sayaw PD classes
  • Collaborate with medical companies to help seniors with Parkinson’s Disease receive medicine through corporate sponsorship and donations to our foundation
  • Develop a joyful and positive community for people with Parkinson’s Disease

Our Principles

  • Develop the feeling of joy for dance.
  • Learn from trained professionals, experienced teaching artists, who love what they are teaching and enjoy working with seniors.
  • Learn dancing actual choreography by dancemakers of local and international stature.
  • Dance with live musical accompaniment whenever possible.
  • Aim for mental and physical development working with trained artists.
    (Who are not teaching just systematic response)
  • Set aesthetic without necessarily striving for perfection.
  • Emphasize the use of imagery to invoke a wide range of specific, contrasting movements.
  • Integrate specific, identifiable dance styles and techniques to develop strength, balance, coordination, rhythm, and grace.
  • Express emotions and explore your imagination through specific choreography, structured improvisation, and physical storytelling.
  • Dance together in circles, lines, couples, and groups.  
  • Emphasize the essentially joyful nature of dance.
  • Support each other as a community.

Sayaw PD Feature Video

The Bereber Sayaw PD is purely art-based; it is a dance class for dancing sake by design and demand with people with Parkinson’s Disease. The focus is on the dance, a new revolutionary kind of therapy that makes participants come back week after week. There are elements of therapy but the artistic component is key to what we do, and it requires the knowledge that dancers have to successfully teach this kind of class. The same consideration is true for physical therapists.

Participants don’t come to a Bereber Sayaw PD class to get therapy; they come to learn to dance and enjoy themselves in an artistic, social, setting. Bereber Sayaw PD emphasizes on creating a community for them. Their families, partners, caregivers are welcome to attend the class.

Last Studio Sayaw PD Class

The last studio based Sayaw PD Class was sponsored by Addlib Dance Studio in Cubao, Metro Manila, Philippines.  Thank you Addlib Studio for donating your studio for Sayaw PD.

Past Sayaw PD Classes

Facebook Live & Zoom Classes

Novy Bereber has hosted several Sayaw PD, Dance for Parkinson’s classes all over Metro Manila in the past few years but everything stopped recently because of this COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

Because of this terrible pandemic, we started these free dance classes online in order to keep people with Parkinson’s spirits lifted with Novy’s fun light chair dance classes while people are quarantined at home indefinitely.

We welcome spouses, friends, family, caregivers in the class.

What? Online Sayaw PD Dance Class
Sayaw PD Facebook Page
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Time: 2:00 PM Manila, Philippines Time

Support Sayaw PD

Running these Free Sayaw PD classes costs money.  Help us improve the quality and keep these regular online classes free.  We want to attract more people and grow this community and greatly give back to the people with Parkinson’s.

Our Current and Future Expenses

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