Creating awareness on Parkinson’s disease through dance

Creating awareness on Parkinson’s disease through dance

Flowing movements and proper posture help patients control their body and address symptoms in the nerves and muscles.

In a room filled with books, punctuated by a Philippine flag, choreographer Novy Bereber dons a gold vest and greets participants on his screen. From his home in Sydney, Australia, he reaches out to a largely Filipino audience.

“This should be on performance level. We dance to be one and celebrate the spirit of Christmas,” he says.

Sitting on a chair, Bereber raises his arms and flicks his fingers as he speaks: “Imagine the snowflakes falling. Now stretch and grab the snowflakes.” Bereber sweeps his arms across the screen and pretends to seize large ice crystals.

He outlines a triangle and tells his audience to imagine a Christmas tree.

Then, lifting his chest toward the ceiling and stretching his arms to the side, he exclaims with wide grin, “You’re receiving a gift. Feel the joy!”

A mime class, it is not. The choreographer is addressing patients with Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative nervous system ailment that affects movement, balance and, consequently, emotions. In every class, the teacher aims to stimulate the students’ happy hormones through dance.

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