artaturningpointe: Artist Feature Novy J. Bereber

artaturningpointe: Artist Feature Novy J. Bereber

I’ve always been fascinated with people who embrace their uniqueness. Love for oneself is such a simple concept but it seems not many are able to live comfortably with their own skin. Novy Bereber is one of those blessed with the ability to be apologetically him. He enjoys unravelling his fabulosity bit by bit and finds ways to share it with the world, and I mean the world.

Photo by Diego Lorenzo Jose

Novy Bereber is a Filipino who started his dancing career with Dagyaw Theater Dance Company in Iloilo under the mentorship of Edwin C. Duero. He was given encouragement by Osias Barroso and Lisa Macuja to pursue a career in Ballet. With that much needed push he trained under Ballet Philippines until he rose the ranks and became one of their solid senior soloists. During his stint with Ballet Philippines he was given a chance to choreograph for the company. This privilege is reserved for a handful who are undeniably marked with talent and a strong point of view. His success with Ballet Philippines paved the way for even more opportunities to create pieces beyond the CCP walls working with important dance groups here and abroad. Blessed with fulfilling experiences both as a dancer and a choreographer he was able to make a name for himself.

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Novy Bereber

Artistic Director
Dance Instructor
Pilates Instructor
Dance for Parkinson’s

Founder & President